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May 2020 Blue Ridge Epic Tour

Go FULL or MINI Epic

This camp only has 16 12 spots, so act early!
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Deposits below.

2020 Blue Ridge FULL Epic Thru Camp

Saturday May 16, 2020 to Saturday May 23, 2020

Skyline Drive to the Southern Terminus.

6 Days / 578 Miles / 55,000+ Ft Gain

Pricing is $3000 per camper, Double Occupancy (Single Occupancy is $650 more)


2020 Blue Ridge MINI Epic Thru Camp

Tuesday May 19, 2020 to Saturday May 23, 2020

Fancy Gap to the Southern Terminus.

3 Days / 291 Miles / 31,000+ Ft Gain

Pricing is $2075 per camper, Double Occupancy (Single Occupancy is $425 more)

Camp Summary

Our most epic US adventure yet!  We have raised the bar for our tenth anniversary camp, giving you the option to go FULL Parkway or MINI Parkway. Both will be epic; pick the one that matches your season and goals!

FULL Epic: We will cycle from Front Royal down to the Southern Terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Six days of continuous — epic — cycling on some of the nicest and most challenging roads the East Coast has to offer. We’ve organized the whole thing, meaning you just need to swing your leg over the bike and pedal, pedal, pedal!

FROM: $3000 ($375/day all-inclusive)    DURATION: 8 Days/6 Rides    RIDER: Endurance Enthusiast 

MINI Epic: We will cycle from Fancy Gap down to the Southern Terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Three days of mountainous, nay epic!, terrain awaits you.  Once you are settled in, we take over — you just need to swing your leg over the bike and climb, baby, climb!

FROM: $2075 ($520/day all-inclusive)    DURATION: 5 Days/3 Rides    RIDER: Billy Goat 

Blue Ridge Fun

This camp will challenge you physically and mentally. 

You’ll make memories for a lifetime. Consider it a trip your legs will never forget!!!

Due to logistics, there is only room for 16 cyclists on this tour so if you are in, please make your deposit.

The deposit is $500. These slots are first-come, first-serve. Reminder – Slots are non-transferrable.

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation and the Team at Mile 18, Inc for our first ever Blue Ridge Epic Through Camp!

Please Note: Athletes who want Single Occupancy will pay an additional $750.

What’s Included

Lodging Depends on your Tour Selection

  • Full: 7 nights of lodging beginning on Saturday May the 16th and concluding on Friday May
    the 22nd (You depart on the 23rd).
  • Mini: 4 nights of lodging beginning on Tuesday May the 19th and concluding on Friday May
    the 22nd (You depart on the 23rd).

Food & Snacks

  • All breakfasts and lunches, concluding with breakfast on Saturday May the 23rd.
  • All nutrition during your ride, including a roadside lunch each day.
  • Organized / staffed stops during each day for support!


  • Bike build / breakdown if you ship your bike to Asheville for the Camp.
  • The knowledge, support and camaraderie of experienced guides.
  • Mechanical support as needed during your trip.
  • Daily route support plus detailed route maps w/ profile data.
  • SAG vehicle(s) to accompany the Tour.
  • Shuttle service from Asheville, NC to Front Royal, VA on Saturday May the 16th.
  • All necessary transportation and luggage transfers during your trip.
  • Note: MINI Epic Camper Travel to Fancy Gap from Airport could be extra $$.


  • Camp Swag and goodies!

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare to/from the camp.
  • Your alcohol.
  • Dinners are TBD based on location.
  • Bike rentals…ideally you bring your own rig to camp. If you need to rent one we need to know early!

Travel to Camp

FULL Epic: If you are flying, we recommend flying into Asheville Regional Airport (AVL – ). Additional airports that can be used to get to Asheville are
Greenville-Spartanburg International – or Charlotte/Douglas
International – But please be advised that both of
these destinations would require hiring a shuttle service to get to Asheville. If you are planning on flying with your bike be sure and coordinate the logistics of this when you make your flight arrangements, the aircraft that fly into Asheville have limited capacity for carrying bikes.
MINI Epic: Check with us before you make any flight bookings!

Camp Details

Day 1 : Saturday             Asheville, NC – Front Royal, VA  

Shuttle Day – approximately 7 hr shuttle from Asheville to Front Royal
We meet at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, NC at 10:00 am to the shuttle to the Northern Terminus of the Skyline Drive in Front Royal, VA. After getting settled in we gather at 6:30 pm for a review of the tour logistics and itinerary before heading to dinner.

Day 2 : Sunday                     Front Royal to Rockfish Gap, VA  

Today’s Ride | 105 miles – 10,000+ feet of climbing
Yeah thats right, 105 miles on Day 1! No wading in here, this is the Epic+ after all. But a word of advice for those new to cycling in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the stretches of long climbs and never ending series of shorter climbs will wear you down if not treated with the utmost respect…easy does it is the approach to take. THIS IS a SIGNIFICANT ENDURANCE event and is best handled by easing into it. The 1st half of the day will be spent working our way to the high point on the Skyline Drive at just over 4000 feet before stepping down to Rockfish Gap, the northern terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Day 3 : Monday                    Rockfish Gap to Peaks of Otter  

Today’s Ride | 86 miles – mm (mile marker) 0 to 86 – 8200+ feet of climbing
We cycle from Rockfish Gap, the northern terminus of the BRP to the Peaks of Otter Lodge. Today’s stage has wonderful long range views of the Shenandoah Valley. After a series of climbs to start the day we roll up and down along this narrow ribbon of road before descending to the lowest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the James River at 650 feet. After this glorious descent comes what I consider to be the toughest single climb of the entire tour, Apple Orchard Mtn. It climbs 3000+ feet in the span of 13 miles and is the longest continuous climb on the BRP.

Day 4 : Tuesday                               Peaks of Otter to Fancy Gap, VA

Today’s Ride | 107 miles – mm 86 to 193 – 9500+ feet of climbing
Day two on the BRP continues to prepare us for the higher climbs ahead, by now the nature of the Blue Ridge Parkway with its continuous ups and downs has fully revealed itself. Hopefully you have accepted that you can’t overpower this road; you must make friends with it and take it as it comes. Today’s ride takes us down to the Roanoke River Valley and up through the Rocky Knob recreational area. Tonight we stay in the Volunteer Gap Inn & Cabins at this scenic little oasis in the Virginia highlands.

Day 5 : Wednesday      Fancy Gap, VA  to Blowing Rock, NC [Start of MINI EPIC]

Today’s Ride | 102 miles – mm 193 to 294.6 (includes 2 miles from the BRP to our inn) – 10,000 + feet of climbing
The second in a series of 3 consecutive mountain centuries…at Black Bear Adventures we don’t use the term Epic lightly! After breakfast we set our sights for Blowing Rock. This is our last day in Virginia. We cross into North Carolina at milepost 217, Cumberland Knob, where construction began on the BRP on Sept. 11 1935.  The mornings cycling will consist primarily of “rolling” terrain through the scenic VA farmland concluding with the biggest climb of the day up to Doughton Park, where we will have lunch.  After lunch we tackle a series of the “heavy” rollers to our destination, the beautiful Chetola Resort.

Day 6 : Thursday                                           Blowing Rock  to Asheville, NC      

Today’s Ride | 102 miles – mm 294.6 to 377.4 (includes a short ride back to the BRP from Blowing Rock, a 9 mile round trip to Mt. Mitchell and a 7.5 mile ride down into Asheville from the BRP) – 11,000+ feet of climbing
Today we cycle from Blowing Rock to Asheville, I consider this to be the Queen Stage because of the dramatic climbs that are contained within this stretch! It starts with a beautiful climb out of Blowing Rock over the scenic Linn Cove Viaduct, rolls through the Linville River valley before hitting a series of challenging climbs that take us through the Black and Craggy Mountains. This particular stretch, from the Linville River to Craggy Gardens includes an ascent of Mt. Mitchell (the highest peak east of the Mississippi) and is the most formidable challenge of the entire tour! But a well deserved respite is just ahead, after the Craggy Garden Visitors Center you will be descending most of the way into Asheville.

Day 7 : Friday                 Asheville to the Southern Terminus of the BRP

Today’s Ride | 87 miles – mm 389 – 469 (includes a short ride through Asheville back to the BRP) – 11,000+ feet of climbing
This is our final day of cycling and what a beautiful ride it is. This is a day to appreciate all that cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway requires; the physical and mental challenge to complete such an endeavor, the magnificent beauty of this wonderful National Scenic Byway, and the joy and camaraderie of sharing this journey! Included in this world class day of cycling are enough challenges to remind you that every mile is earned on the Parkway. We begin the day with arguably one of the most difficult climbs on the BRP, the climb to Mt. Pisgah. After cresting we continue stepping up to the highest point on the BRP, Richland Balsam. After which we plunge down one of the parkways most dramatic descents which leads us to the BRP’s second longest continuous climb, Waterrock Knob. Ahh but then we end with a glorious stretch that includes 14 miles of descending over the parkways final 17 miles. After the completion of this unbelievable adventure we shuttle back to Asheville to celebrate our accomplishment!

Day 8 : Saturday                                         Asheville, NC

After our night of celebration we gather for breakfast to say our farewells and reflect on the experiences of the past week.

Refund Policy — PLEASE READ!!

Registration Deadline is 11/1/19.
We need 10 campers by then!
We reserve the right to change plans.

Camp Deposit is refundable for a limited time only.

Only the committed need apply.

Final Balance will be charged in two equal installments.

Slots are non-transferrable.

2020 Blue Ridge FULL Epic Thru Camp

Saturday May 16, 2020 to Saturday May 23, 2020

Pricing is $3000 per camper, Double Occupancy (Single Occupancy additional $650)

2020 Blue Ridge MINI Epic Thru Camp

Tuesday May 19, 2020 to Saturday May 23, 2020

Pricing is $2075 per camper, Double Occupancy (Single Occupancy additional $425)

Camp Deposit is $500.

Make Your TeamEN Deposit

Email for information and to be invoice for your deposit.

PLEASE NOTE THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE is 11/1/19. We need a minimum of 10 campers to make this work; if we don’t hit our numbers we reserve the right to change the camp as needed.