About Us


While everyone is waiting at the finishing line, the real magic is happening out on the course.

An epic battle is raging in the soul of every competitor.


But it’s more than just racing. Because we seek this same challenge in our training. Our long workouts have the same mental and physical effects — only without the fanfare.

First, we build up to our limits and establish a familiarity with where our abilities begin to falter. Then we push further. We run longer. Sometimes even faster — to set new limits.


Some fear the challenge and pain that accompany race day. Others seek it.

Mile 18 is home to those who seek to redefine their limits. We celebrate and support endurance athletes going the extra mile, athletes who enjoy the journey as much as the reward for finishing it.

Our products are built by athletes for athletes. Designed and made right here in the USA. If you have any ideas or input for us, please email feedback@mile18inc.com.

Now get back out there!